ZOOLA Opposites By Best kids Apps certainly lived up to expectations. I needed a simple app that would teach my four year old opposites. My four year old attends pre-school and was recently sent home with a report card. The report was good, but pointed out some things that we as parents had forgotten to teach our young human. The first was opposites (she has sarcasm down pat).

So I opened up the iPad and searched for an opposites app. I ran across ZOOLA Opposites By Best kids Apps for 99 cents. I spent way too long on the decision and purchased the app. Ten minutes later my four year old can name several opposites. Did the app work? Yep.

How long did my four year old spend on the app? Probably 10 minutes a few times in a row. Is it a single use app? Yes it is. Does it do a good job at its single task? Yes it does.

Attention – 3
Fun – 0
Learning – 5

Total – 8

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