Zombie Grammar Force – Brian West is a tool to teach kids grammar. Nouns, prepositions, adjectives, and the rest of the sentence structure is presented to the child in a way that is fun, interesting and rewarding. My 12-year-old really took to the app and was challenged by missing one of the items on the first few rounds. There were even some large words added in that she wasn’t yet familiar with – learning opportunity!

I was challenged by Zombie Grammar Force – Brian West right away. It took me a minute to remember what each word was frankly. I did well enough and had a bit of fun too.

Zombie Grammar Force – Brian West is a fun way to remind/teach/reinforce your child of some basic grammar topics. Choosing which pirate they want to be and gaining access to larger canons is just another bit of fun added in. Your child isn’t likely to spend hours with Zombie Grammar Force – Brian West, but will spend enough time to get the point. This is probably 10 minutes each time you remind them to pick up the app. Kids are smart. They know when they are learning something. Zombie Grammar Force – Brian West does a good job of shielding this, but the results wont be hours of fun, but perhaps many minutes!

Fun – 3
Attention – 3
Learning – 4

Total – 10