World of Safari 123 by CocoMayo is an interesting app for kids that challenges them to answer questions to earn more animals. The questions are usually matching or sequence and do serve a learning purpose. The intention of the game is to edutainment, but in this case I think the interface is just a little too hard.

Kids can earn different animals to place on the Savannah? floor and the interact with the animals and place trees and other plants too. The animals can be made different colors and all of that adds up to some real attention and some fun. When your child wants more animals though they need to answer some questions like I mentioned before, but the interface is too hard for a young child and the questions to easy.

My 10 year old liked the app a lot because she was able to accomplish this massive amount of animals and forest. She found the questions really easy, but at least she was entertained. The questions do get harder as the game continues and the controls are top notch. You can tilt, shake, and mess with the app in just about every way imaginable.

Attention – 4
Fun – 3
Learning – 1 just because it is too hard for a young child to get to the learning part and an older kid will know these answers.

Total 8