Word Wall HD By Emantras Inc a great educational app by a company who really knows that space well. Emantras has many kids educational apps for everything from words to dissecting animals. A really great app publisher with a lot of apps to offer.

Specifically Word Wall HD By Emantras Inc is meant to teach your child letters and then words. The app is designed to span a wide range of ages. My daughter who is four is ready to explore all the letters since she knows them well, but figuring out how to spell a word is something she is working on. The app covers the whole range.

There isn’t just one game in Word Wall HD By Emantras Inc either. It is a full set of learning games with a couple skill levels to choose from. My daughter was dragging letters to name the picture, simply choosing a letter to explore, and having fun while doing it.

When I was done with this video she stopped me and asked me to record her some more thinking that she had to stop playing with the app. It is fun and rewarding with stickers and achievements and she did not want to stop. Of course I explained that she could play with the app some more and I would watch :)

My daughter has been playing with the app for a while on our iPhones, but since we picked up the excellent Big Grips Frame for iPad 2 – Pink, we haven’t been able to pull her away from the iPad.

Emantras has an HD version of the app as well as the standard version that we were using, so be sure to grab the right one from the iTunes Store!

Fun – 4
Learning – 5
Attention – 5
Total – 14