Trees are Best FACT By hedgehog lab is a great book/app/game to teach you about trees. Really you explore the idea of trees and the different types of trees. It is a very polished book/app/game that lets the reader explore the book or just follow through.

I am sure we still haven’t figured out all the nuances of each page. Shaking the book does one thing, picking the right frame does another, and there are even drawing games.

I “read” this book with both my four year old and ten year old. The former liked the interactivity and the latter was looking for the information the book provides. Both found it rewarding from what I could see.

I love books like this that are much more immersing than you can get with a “regular” book. The graphics, and audio, and interaction are tough to beat!

Fun – 4
Learning – 4
Attention – 5

Total – 13