Here at Kid’s iPhone App Review we really like apps that help kids relax. Whether it is time for bed or just in the car on a long (or short) trip, apps that are geared towards relaxing are very useful.

Time for Bed Little Ted is one of the apps we love to have around. Even though Kaylin is a bit older now, she had a lot of fun playing with the app. She has been under the weather as you can hear in the video, but once we were done shooting she made it through the whole book twice.

We like the fact that the book has a few different aspects to it. Kaylin can record her own voice or I could record it for her so she can listen when I travel. She can color if the book doesn’t get her asleep, and she can choose to just have the book read to her.

These features with a screen timeout mean that she might even put herself to sleep with the app!

We really like Time for Bed Little Ted and give it the following rating:

Learning: 3 (for kids learning to read)
Fun: 3
Attention: 4

Total: 10. A great score for an app designed for a single purpose.