The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow is a book I was really excited to review with my young daughter. We usually read these books together the first few times and then she ends up finding the book a week later or so and playing through it again on her own. I am really happy to see so many books for review on the iPad and iPhone. I started this blog thinking there would be a lot of learning apps and this past month I have really found that to be true. Reading is a key skill for kids (of course) and at a young age we need to be getting them into the spirit. If the iPad helps, then great!

What sets The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow apart from most of the other books out there is the scenery, and the way the book moves, and the interaction. I haven’t seen a book that combines all three in such a useful way. We all know the story of the three little pigs, but when the wolf huffs and puffs your child will too–and the mic picks up the sound to blow the house down.

Your child can build the houses, they can make the pigs flip, and interact with the book in some of the usual ways too. This is a classic app. Sounds kind of funny now, but this is an app that is setting the stage for the other books and your child will come back to it 30 or 40 times I am sure.

Attention – 5
Fun – 5
Learning – 5

Total – 15