If you are a parent with kids in school, or just about to start school, you should have already seen the movie “Waiting for Superman.” If you haven’t checked the movie out or aren’t interested in sitting through the documentary, the Super School Presented By WAITING FOR SUPERMANapp will help anyway.

What is the big deal? Well teachers are paid the same amount each year regardless of skill or performance. Schools are struggling to produce students that can meet college entrance requirements. This is something I see every day as a college professor. It seems that most students are taking a remedial math course just to start college. Planning on sending your child to public school? Maybe not after watching this movie. Planning on a private school? It can be hit or miss there too!

The point is, as a parent you need to be well informed and you can also take some action. Super School Presented By WAITING FOR SUPERMAN is an app that will get you well informed AND allow you to quickly send emails to your congress people, and local leaders about issues that matter to you. It is presented in an easy to digest format and in a way that you can spend 10 minutes a day or two hours at a time with the app.

A must have for any parent of kids in grade school or about to enter.