Story Train – SS Infotek Inc., is a fun and simple game to teach your young one reading, letters, numbers, coloring, and some topics about animals and farms. Included in the game are two stories for free and four more than can be unlocked for .99. The drawing app is simple, but that is a positive. Your child is given either a blank slate to draw on or templates of letters, numbers, or coloring book type pictures of different objects. 19 coloring pages in all.

For .99 Story Train – SS Infotek Inc., is a great app to load on your iphone (it is an iPhone app, but scales ok on the iPad too) and head out in the car. My six-year-old spent 15 minutes with the app the first time she touched it and will likely pick it up a few more times in the future.

Learning – 4
Fun – 3
Attention – 4

Total – 11

Be sure to check out the video too: