We really like Tap to Learn. They create some great apps. Spelling With Friends is another good app. Not only can you spell with friends, but the app has some real learning potential. It isn’t perfect, but I think they can get it right.

The app has a lot of words. I mean a lot. I was shocked when I first heard the words she was asked to learn. As she played with the app more and more she really felt challenged by the learning experience. She did good, but man the words are hard to learn sometimes.

The app isn’t perfect. The app list is very long but it doesn’t seem to have a way to filter the words. There aren’t categories or anything like that. The testing is a positive since it provides a nice feedback to the user. It is like a spelling bee. You can check the definition and origin and see the word used in a sentence. Good things, but when it is used in a sentence you see how to spell it. Setting some scruples aside, as kids are quick to do, you can figure out the words quickly. In the challenge a friend mode I could just have a dictionary next to me and cheat. Just saying.

So not perfect, but since we are all involved parents, this is a solid spelling app with many, many words. I am sure the people at Tap to Learn will release an update to address some of the small issues and the filtering of words.

Attention – 5
Learning – 5
Fun – 2

Total – 12. It isn’t fun, but it is learning. Buy the app :)

Check out my daughter playing and learning: