Robot Tycoon By Danta Entertainment is the first business learning app I have seen for the iPad or iPhone. The main purpose is to teach kids simple business skills like supply and demand, fixed and variable costs, and simple math too. Robot Tycoon By Danta Entertainment does a great job in a simple format.

The idea is you start by yourself selling robots. You find a customer who is either happy with what you offer or gets sad when you suggest a change. So you work until the customer is as happy as they can be. You see this visually by a smile on the face of the customer. You then build the robot and deliver it. You could stop there and have some fun, but the learning comes in when you realize that each robot has a different margin. You then start to try and “up sell” the customer on the best robot for your margin that they are happy with.

It gets pretty interesting quickly. You have a mentor that you can read advice from, but with a little parental support your child can build a factory, hire assistants and is provided with a summary at the end of the game. Great for aspiring CEO’s !

It is a necessary skill that is sure to be taught in 6-9 grade at some point, so learning it earlier is fun and makes it interesting. The game is well done with nice graphics (simple, clean, easy to understand–not Pixar but Wii). The flow is nice and directions are clear.

Fun – 4
Learning – 5
Attention – 4

Total 13. This is a learning app that is also fun. Make it a game or competition and you will play it for a while!