Princess Rainbow By Victor Bravo is a fun app for kids, probably girls, who like to talk about fairies, decorate their bedroom, and draw rainbows. The storybook app is one you will need to read to your child (oh no!), but the games will have them playing for hours.

My four year old really got into the story even though she had heard me read it before. Given that it had been a few weeks since she last heard the story it could be she had forgotten or that it is just that interesting to her. I hadn’t realized she had found the “sticker” app within the book and that she knew she could draw rainbows too! On the regular reading pages of the book the elements on the page can be moved around too! So while you are reading you can ask your child to interact with each “page” in the book. Awesome.

Princess Rainbow By Victor Bravo is one of those story books that adds just a little more so that your child can spend a little more time in the app and it makes the characters more familiar too.

Princess Rainbow By Victor Bravo doesn’t have the best graphics of any book we have seen, but my four year old didn’t seem to care. The Princess and fairies made the story interesting to her and the decorating game sealed the deal.

Great app for young girls.

Fun – 5
Learning – 3
Attention – 4

Total – 12