Pop Out! The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Loud Crow is yet another stellar app/book for your iPad or iPhone. The neat thing about this app was the little tabs you can pull on to get the characters to move, but that is only the start. Click the tree or the blueberries and you are in for a surprise. Keep clicking them!

Loud Crow was kind enough to give away a promo code for this book and we have awarded it to a randomly selected reader. Her review is already in and the app is a success with her <1 year old! Wow I would not have thought that this book would have been appropriate for such a young age, but I am convinced. Does the app read to you? Yes. A pleasant voice? yep. Interactive? You got it. Learning is there too with the highlighting of words with selection to repeat the word. My daughter loves the book and we are at the point now where we are pushing apps to the farthest pages of our device. This app stays in the reading books folder for sure. Attention - 5 Learning - 5 Fun -5 Total - 15 How could you not like this book on the ipad or iphone?