My lil’ Books- The Farm By Editions First-Gründ is simple and fun app for young kids. Your child is presented with a set of common farm animals; a sheep, chicken, donkey?, and many more. Clicking on a farm animal brings up a larger image of the animal where your child is told to click the square to find out more.

This is where the app gets fun. You can feed the donkey and play with the other animals in the app and they make animal noises, which is fun for kids. It really is a neat app once you get into it a bit. My daughter spent about 15 minutes on the app initially and has returned to play with it several more times since. Learning about animals, their names, the sounds they make is an important thing for a young child to learn and it is fun!

Fun – 4
Learning – 5
Attention – 3

Total – 12