Mentor-Words By Mentor-Kids is an awesome learning app for kids to learn words by site. We have reviewed several books made apps that present learning words in the same way, but the puzzle feature of Mentor-Words By Mentor-Kids sets it apart.

The idea is simple you have three modes: Choose a word to match to an object, find an animal to match to a word, or spell the word using the alphabet and outlines.

The first two choices are a bit hard for my four year old to do on her own. She needs an adult sitting there with here. That is absolutely ok! This level of learning takes a bit of involvement.

The third choice she can handle on her own and it still has the potential to teach her the words along with proper placement or spelling of the letters in the word.

I am impressed with this simple yet potentially very effective spelling/reading app called Mentor-Words By Mentor-Kids. The game play isn’t perfect since the screen sometimes scrolls rather than clicks, but that takes about two times to get used to and you are on your way.

Learning – 5
Attention – 5
Fun – 4
Total – 14