Lazy Bird – Tatyana Mironova is a fun book with all the usual features PLUS record your own voice.

Not only does Lazy Bird – Tatyana Mironova allow you to read a book, have it read to you, and record your own voice!, but you can also click the characters and watch them move. We really like that.

Lazy Bird – Tatyana Mironova is a fun story that kept my 6 year old interested the entire duration. I even recorded my voice for several of the pages, which was really neat to do. The book is well written and narrated by a young girl which is cool too. The interactivity makes it that much better.

Lazy Bird – Tatyana Mironova is available for the iPad and iPhone. I linked to the iPad version below because we obviously review both iPhone and iPad apps at I believe it is a universal app.

Learning – 4
Attention – 3
Fun – 5

Total – 12