Kids Song Machine By Genera Kids is a fun app that both my 4 year old and 10 year old really like. The three of sat on the floor around the iPad (it works on the iPhone too!) and laughed and pressed characters as the song played. It was fun to pick a song and the interface was simple for even a young three year old. Really just two buttons to press–song selection and then go!

My four year old is scared of the “scary” song, but not really. I think she likes to think it is scary and she is a big kid because she can listen to it without freaking out. The only catch is that the child might get stuck in a song if they are in the back seat and out of reach since the go back or exit button is kinda hard to find. It might be nice if the song just ended and left you to pick a new song. Maybe not?

In either case it is a fun app that will hold your child’s attention for a good while!

Attention – 5
Fun – 4
Learning – 1

Total – 10 and that is ok. Some apps are just plain fun to play with. This is one of those apps!