Just Fractions by Smiley Cat Software is an awesome fractions app. It does a great job of filling the fractions piece of your child’s math learning. It is a fractions calculator, fractions quizzer, a fractions tool!

Seaghan developed the app when he was in 5th grade! It seems when you play with the app you can tell that he was giving the student what he needed in class. It works. It works really well. Seaghan’s dad did some of the programming, but Seaghan did about half. You can read the details in the app. Very impressive and he has won several awards!

My ten year likes the app and found it to be very useful. I find it to be hard :) You do have a three levels to choose from so I suppose I will get better as I learn more about fractions. Can your child learn from it? Yes for sure. It has an great way of getting the student to answer correctly and allowing for things like proper fractions and a complete reduction. (important stuff).

Attention – 4
Learning – 5
Fun – 0 (this is a learning app!)

Total – 9