JumpStart Art Studio By Knowledge Adventure is a great coloring app for kids up to probably age seven. Be sure to watch the video where you will see my four and a half year old navigate the app easily, pick colors, erase mistakes and have a bit of fun. Of course be sure to check out the Big Grips Frame for iPad 2 – Pink that we love and never leaves the edge of the kids’ iPad.

This app is really free style drawing, which is tougher for some kids, but others are sure to find it more rewarding than a more guided with a stencil. There are a lot of options in the app however, so your child is sure to explore the app for a while.

My four year old got into it more when she realized there where stamps and backgrounds she could use, so a bit of guidance is probably a good idea when starting out. This is the case with most apps.

Overall a great drawing app. No crashes or problems locking up, easy to navigate for lots of fun.

Fun – 4
Attention – 4
Learning – 2 (it is a drawing app, not a learning app)

Total- 10