iTooch English and Math 5th Grade by EduPad is a full featured learning app for 5th graders. iTooch English and Math 5th Grade by EduPad has a very structured approach to present the material and a fun interface with plenty of feedback for the learner. In a structured learning environment it is a valuable learning tool.

Will your child want to play with this app on the way to Disneyland? Probably not. In preparation for the next school year sitting at the table a few hours a week? Sure. Will they learn something? Certainly.

The apps are very deep with content. The lessons build on each other and get progressively harder. In the video we skip to a harder lesson to show how difficult it can be. Having content that is difficult does not make the app complete, but it does show how diverse the app is and that is definitely good. In my experience with the apps they are full of content.

The authors website tells that the app updates itself automatically, so it sounds like there is more to come!

Fun – 0
Attention – 4
Learning – 5
Total – 9

Check out my ten year old playing with the app: