I Can Count Pro By NPC Unlimited just might help teach your child to count. The app is designed, according to its developer, for three to seven year olds to learn to count. In a single way this is true.

I Can Count Pro By NPC Unlimited teaches counting in a single manner. It shows you a set of animals somewhere between one and twelve and you are asked to count them and choose the number of animals from the choices at the bottom of the screen. It is very simple and effective in that single task.

Why am I not raving about the app? Well it is listed right now at $2.99 and it amounts to a set of flash cards. Other apps in this category ask your child to add or subtract, or have a few more features like the ability to choose a level. For $2.99 I would expect a bit more.

Attention – 3
Fun – 1 (it is a learning app, this is ok!)
Learning – 4

Total – 8

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