Grammar App HD by Tap To Learn is an app that teaches grammar in a fun yet somewhat traditional way. Within a few minutes of using the app I was impressed by the breath of information and the simplicity of it’s book like interface and simple testing feature. I do not think this is something my ten year old could be sent off on her own to use because it just isn’t a game. Supervision is needed to keep the child on track, but a half hour a day with this app would be reasonable.

The testing feature is simple and somewhat fun. It provides questions that are appropriately complex for the material. This is not a first grader’s app–it seems to be appropriate for at least a 3rd grader or higher grade levels. I know I was learning or re-learning some of the grammar rules as I spend 20 minutes alone with the app.

We were using the HD version of the app, but Grammar App HD by Tap To Learn is for both iPhone and iPad, so choose without too much worry. In fact I used the app on my iPhone 4 initially and only later realized it was on my iPad and that is where my four year old played with the app. I have to suggest the HD version for kids since the layout on the bigger screen is easier to use and they are both the same price!

Check out the video below. My ten year old was a little sick this past week and on some cough medicine, so a little giggly. She did a good job of showing the app regardless and has spent a few hours with it now in total.

Learning – 5
Attention – 4
Fun – 2
Total of 11, but remember this is a learning app. You certainly get your grammar lessons in this single app!

HD Version:

iPhone Version: