Flight Control HD By Firemint Pty Ltd
is a fun app for all ages. I am pretty sure that Flight Control HD By Firemint Pty Ltd was not designed with children in mind, but my ten year old sure loves to play the game.

Even my four year old gives it a try, but really it is still a little too hard for her. She can understand that the airplanes are meant to be sorted, that they cannot touch, and that they go away, so it is fun for a four year old, but the game is over so quickly.

My ten year old loves the interactive gameplay. In the video you can see that my wife brings in the other iPad and we start a joined game right there on the “fly” (pun totally intentional). That gives Flight Control HD By Firemint Pty Ltd some legs. Just like another of MY favorite FireMint games: Real Racing 2, when you can have a friend (or even a stranger!) join you in a game, it becomes more interesting.

The gameplay is deceptively simple. You simply land each plan in the matching colored runway or helipad. Do not let the planes crash and you are set. My high score is 44, my ten year old can make it to perhaps 12, and the four year old lands 2-3. Fun!

Attention – 4
Fun – 4
Learning – 2 (some fine motor skills, organization, who cares? It is fun!)

Total – 10

Of course we have our iPad wrapped in the awesome Big Grips iPad Frame. We love that frame/case and still recommend it. My daughter can play the iPad in the car, at her grandparents, and just about anywhere else! Instead of worrying about her dropping the iPad we just need to ensure the iPad is charged and we are all set!