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iCookbook by Publications International

  • April 13, 2011 7:34 am

iCookbook by Publications International isn’t exactly an app for kids, but it is an app for parents of kids, so I thought it was worth a review. I enjoy cooking and good food and the iPad brings the recipes with me into the kitchen. I had a hard time with the app until I had a better case. I just could not get the iPad to work well in the kitchen with the smartcover. It would pick up anything off the counter and transfer it to the device.

So I picked up the Targus iPad2 Cover and I was set:

iCookbook by Publications International has voice control so I do not have to touch my iPad 2 when prepping which is pretty important.

The app has high quality photos of the food you are prepping, you can easily change the serving size within the app and you can even filter by ingredient. Really just a great cooking app!

Fraction Basics By Wei Chong

  • April 8, 2011 7:37 am

Fraction Basics By Wei Chong was a necessary app to download because my oldest girl is learning fractions in school. Fourth grade fractions aren’t that hard, but there is a standard set of base knowledge that a child will need to learn about the subject.

I started looking at apps for learning fractions and there are plenty. I hope to review more. I finally settled on a free app initially because of the description. Video learning caught my eye. I learn in this manner and I teach in this manner too. My own youtube channel is full of these sort of videos. I like the idea and I like the format.

The app is well done with a simple menu structure to choose the learning subject. You start at the top and work your way down. My oldest daughter already skipped a few portions that she already knew. Great feature.

Attention – 3
Fun – 0 (it is purely a learning app!)
Learning – 5

Total – 8

Horton Hears a Who and Berenstain Bears by Oceanhouse Media

  • March 7, 2011 7:26 am

We have review apps from Oceanhouse Media before. We love their reading apps. They do a great job and Horton Hears a Who and Berenstain Bears are two great additions.

First the books are classics, second they are written in a way that is different from book to book that might be paying homage to the original or just a nice change up from book to book. Horton Hears a Who is narrated in a very engaging manner and my four year old is just in love with it. She has a great imagination and the book really comes to life on the iPhone or iPad.

I think I remember the Berenstain Bears as a comic on Saturday mornings or something–whenever I watched it–it is familiar again now just as if I had the original book in front of me. It is nice to share some real classics.

The books will read to you or you can read them, and it remembers where you left off. A necessary piece of any book/app. It also highlights each word as it is read to your child, which again is a necessary item in any app/book. Your library should contain just about every Oceanhouse Media app as it comes out!

We give their books great reviews and these two are no different:

Attention – 5
Learning – 4
Fun – 5

Total – 14

Rain Go Away ABCs

  • September 7, 2010 7:28 am

Rain Go Away ABCs is another great alphabet learning app. It makes learning the ABCs easy and fun. My 3 year old has known her ABCs for sometime now and still enjoys the application. The tips are a neat feature that give you ideas of something to do if it is actually raining. We live in Phoenix, so we actually go out in the rain when it rains!

Learning – 5
Fun – 4
Attention – 3
Total = 12

Check out the video for more information about the app:

Mr. Hat’s Magic Cube from Bravo

  • August 13, 2010 7:30 am

Wow. What a neat story and app. Mr. Hat’s Magic Cube provides both a story and a good learning experience for kids of a young age. My 3 year old liked the app and was interested in the story enough to keep playing for quite a while. Learning is a bit light since the “lessons” are pretty short. It is more practicing what you have learned than picking up new skills.

I give it a 3 for learning, 4 for fun and a 5 for attention for a total of 12.

Check out the video of my daughter playing the game:

Check it out here:

First Words Deluxe by Learning Touch

  • July 26, 2010 7:38 am

If you liked our review of First Words Animals by Learning Touch, then you will really like First Words Deluxe! It includes the same game play, but with Animals, Shapes, Colors, items in the home, vehicles and all words. I like the last one all words. This keeps my 3 year old going for a long time!

The existing review stands. Great gameplay with the scrabble like interface and the repetition of the letters and words is outstanding! You cannot beat an audible and visual game with an actual tactile movement. This means your kid learns while playing.

In this case I give it an updated 5/5 for attention. The additional categories make this an app that lasts a while! And she keeps coming back to it.

So Attention 5/5, Fun 4/5, Learning 5/5 for a total of 14!

Tic Tac Math by I Play Math Games

  • June 28, 2010 7:46 am

My 9 year old loves math. I am an educator at a post-secondary school (university) and I know that our kids need math skills! How can we help them? Bombard them with learning fun at every turn. My 9-year old was just handed down an iPhone 3G since I picked up an iPhone4 on pre-order and she has been using it non-stop!

How can I take that interest and help her learn math? With math apps! So far I have found a few apps and Tic Tac Math stands out! My Daughter is 9 and just left 3rd grade. She is in a gifted program, so is doing 5/6 grade math next year. This app can handle a 3rd grader to a 6th grader depending on their level. It is fun and will at least keep them going through 1n hour or two each time they pick it up. In 10 minutes a child could go through a potential of 20-30 questions! If they spend only 20 minutes in the app each time they play it then they are going to get 50 questions. This is homework made fun.

Kids learn by a reward system. This game gives it to them with little punishment when they are wrong. They are NOT discouraged. Even when they get a question wrong the negative is minimized. This is a sign of a great app.

If you take a look around the developers website: you can tell he like math, understands learning and has apps for every age. I am hoping to pick up a kindergarten version of my 3 year old!

So I give it a 5 for learning, a 4 for attention, a 4 for fun for a total of 13. Awesome. Well worth the purchase price!

Be sure to check out the video for my daughter commenting on the app!