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Lazy Bird by Tatyana Mironova

  • March 1, 2013 6:42 am

Lazy Bird – Tatyana Mironova is a fun book with all the usual features PLUS record your own voice.

Not only does Lazy Bird – Tatyana Mironova allow you to read a book, have it read to you, and record your own voice!, but you can also click the characters and watch them move. We really like that.

Lazy Bird – Tatyana Mironova is a fun story that kept my 6 year old interested the entire duration. I even recorded my voice for several of the pages, which was really neat to do. The book is well written and narrated by a young girl which is cool too. The interactivity makes it that much better.

Lazy Bird – Tatyana Mironova is available for the iPad and iPhone. I linked to the iPad version below because we obviously review both iPhone and iPad apps at I believe it is a universal app.

Learning – 4
Attention – 3
Fun – 5

Total – 12

Zuko Monsters By Goodbeans GmbH

  • February 28, 2013 6:07 am

Zuko Monsters – Goodbeans GmbH isn’t really a learning app at all, but rather a fun pokemon type role playing game. The story is well drawn and the game is sufficiently challenging for children 6 years and older.

The basic idea of Zuko Monsters – Goodbeans GmbH is that you are given the chance to fight the monsters who are the bad guys. You get to fight and capture using various little monsters who you need to keep healthy and grow their skills and abilities. You have certain tasks you need to accomplish and levels that you can pass.

Zuko Monsters – Goodbeans GmbH also includes a local challenge and gamecenter battle which is cool.

The fun is in the challenges and the quest. My six year old thinks the game is awesome as does my 12 year old. Fun? Yep? What do they learn? Some money management, some math, and some critical thinking.

The only caution I would give parents is there is the ability to buy credits in this app. Up to $99 at a time! Be sure to immediately require a passcode for in app purchases within your iOS device to be safe.

Fun – 5
Learning – 3
Attention – 5

Total – 13

Yumby Toss by PlayGearz

  • September 20, 2012 6:41 am

Yumby Toss by PlayGearz is our first app back from a short break and boy were we pleasantly surprised!

Our five year old fell in love with Yumby Toss by PlayGearz immediately. She loves the characters, the game play is familiar, and the story was enticing for her. She has played Angry Birds in the past, but Yumby Toss by PlayGearz has an extra fun twist that can revive the interest in the genre.

Was it fun for just our five year old? No. Parents were playing too. Yumby Toss by PlayGearz is just too fun to pass up.

The developer is awesome and the app is currently free. There are some in app purchases available, so be sure to lock down the device to avoid unintentional purchases by the young ones.

As usual check out the video below of our first glance at the game.

Our ratings:

Fun – 5
Learning – 0 (it is a game!)
Attention – 5

Total – 10

Elf Rescue By Lapland Studio Ltd

  • December 22, 2011 7:05 am

Elf Rescue By Lapland Studio Ltd is a challenging but fun apps for kids and adults. I start playing with Elf Rescue By Lapland Studio Ltd with my four year old and thought right away that it was going to be too hard. I was not completely correct.

In the video you can see we struggled to get accustomed to the controls a bit. Getting the review so close to Christmas we rushed to record the video. Over the following weekend my ten year old and four year old picked up the app many more times and really enjoyed the challenge. I was asked to help my four year old a few times, but that is common with a game of this sort.

Elf Rescue By Lapland Studio Ltd isn’t really Christmas over done. Sure there is an elf, who dies a lot, reindeer, presents, and snow, but that is about as far as the theme goes. It seems pretty appropriate to me.

I wonder if Lapland Studio is actually located in the north of Norway or it is just a name themed on Laplanders since early on that is where St. Nick was supposed to have come from I think. In either case the game play is unique and fun and very challenging. The same experience as an Angry birds, where you are challenged and want to come back for more, but the game play is much more interesting in my opinion and those of my children! I played this game much more than I should have I guess!

Attention – 5
Fun – 5
Learning – 1 (some fine motor skills and the Zelda type of learning too)

Total – 11

Of course we have our iPad wrapped in the awesome Big Grips iPad Frame. We love that frame/case and still recommend it. My daughter can play the iPad in the car, at her grandparents, and just about anywhere else! Instead of worrying about her dropping the iPad we just need to ensure the iPad is charged and we are all set!

Picture Me Christmas Cutie By Oceanhouse Media

  • December 21, 2011 7:50 am

Picture Me Christmas Cutie By Oceanhouse Media is a really fun story book that let’s the whole family in on the fun. The idea is that you pick pictures from your media library or take new photos right there on the spot using either camera on the iPad or iPhone. We used a mixture of new photos and photos from our photostream in the app. Some photos worked better than others, but after we recorded the video we had a lot of fun picking some silly faces to use.

After you pick your photos the book begins and as you probably guessed, it uses your photos in the book. My four year old was very happy to see her own face in the book. She has seen apps like this before and they are always a big hit. This Christmas twist just makes it that much more fun.

Outside the novelty of picking your own faces the other faces in the book are a cute addition. They book is well done in tradition Oceanhouse Media format. I prefer this narrator to others for some reason and I can tell my four year old does too. I have a feeling Picture Me Christmas Cutie By Oceanhouse Media is an app that will remain on the iPad so that we can revisit it each Christmas. We have already went through the book about five times and will probably do it a few more times as different people come to visit over the holidays.

Fun – 5
Attention – 5
Learning – 1 (my four year old did learn to select the image and rotate it. She is working on her fine motor skills, so this counts!)

Total – 11

Of course we housed our ipad in the Big Grips iPad Frame. We love it and would never leave home without it.

Where’s My Water? By Disney

  • December 6, 2011 7:40 am

Where’s My Water? By Disney is must have app!

Simply put it is an interesting and fun version of Angry Birds that is appropriate for kids and challenging for everyone. My four year old loves the app and even though she cannot figure out how to pass a level, she loves to watch when I help her out. It puts a bit of thought into the Angry Birds game (I have passed all levels of Angry birds with a 2 star or above and realize some thought must go into getting three stars in that game too).

The point of Where’s My Water? By Disney is to get your poor alligator his water for a bath. Some of the pipes are broken, there is ooze in some places that will contaminate your water, there is moss growing and sometimes many pipes and levers to figure out.

The graphics are very appropriate for a young child and the challenge can go all the way up. It is a puzzle game made fun by the ease in which your chile can start over if they try something that does not work. The game encourages trial and error. We really like Where’s My Water? By Disney in our house and it is a front page, must have app.

Attention – 5
Learning – 2 (it is not a learning app necessarily!)
Fun – 5

Total – 12

iTunes Link!

Remember that we always have our iPad in the Big Grips Frame for iPad2. We love the Big Grips Frame and we are sure you will too. It makes the iPad easy to handle for Dad, Mom, and our four year old.

Check out the video of our four year old getting the water to her alligator.

Awesome Chicken By Dennis Logan

  • December 2, 2011 10:30 am

Awesome Chicken By Dennis Logan is simply an addicting and fun app. I think I saw a rocket type version of this same app with a pig or something a year or so ago, but the challenge of that game couldn’t compare to the appeal and challenge of Awesome Chicken By Dennis Logan.

The game is funny for kids to play because the chicken is so helpless and loses so many feathers. It is easy enough early on for your young child to get the hang of the swiping of the chicken to get the movement going. It gets to be pretty challenging, but my four year old (in the video) and my ten year old both love the app and play whenever the mood strikes them.

I cannot tell you my high score, or how many levels I have made it to myself because to me that isn’t the point. It is a fun time waster that is really addictive for young and old alike. Will your child learn something? Perhaps not, but some games are just really well done, with awesome graphics, simple and effective physics and a lot of fun. Awesome Chicken By Dennis Logan is one of those apps!

Fun – 5
Attention – 4
Learning – 0 (it is not a learning app!)

Total – 9 (totally fun and addictive).

Of course we protected our iPad using the Name Your Link and we love the case/cover. Be sure to click the special offers just below the price to get the stand and case for a discounted price.

iTunes link

Snowman Scramble By Matthew Demma

  • September 16, 2011 7:48 am

Snowman Scramble By Matthew Demma is a game for just about any age. The idea is you need to stack snowmen before they melt. The game is simple, well put together, and fun to play. We played it on the iPad, but it was designed for the iPhone in the initial release.

Snowman Scramble By Matthew Demma doesn’t teach you much except that snow melts and snowmen can dance and give each other “‘sup bros”, but that isn’t the point. It is a fun game that is challenging. Your kids are going to have a better score than you and they can rub that in dad’s face!

Fun – 5
Learning – 0
Attention – 4

Total – 9

Trees are Best FACT By hedgehog lab

  • September 14, 2011 7:54 am

Trees are Best FACT By hedgehog lab is a great book/app/game to teach you about trees. Really you explore the idea of trees and the different types of trees. It is a very polished book/app/game that lets the reader explore the book or just follow through.

I am sure we still haven’t figured out all the nuances of each page. Shaking the book does one thing, picking the right frame does another, and there are even drawing games.

I “read” this book with both my four year old and ten year old. The former liked the interactivity and the latter was looking for the information the book provides. Both found it rewarding from what I could see.

I love books like this that are much more immersing than you can get with a “regular” book. The graphics, and audio, and interaction are tough to beat!

Fun – 4
Learning – 4
Attention – 5

Total – 13

Motion Math By Motion Math

  • September 12, 2011 7:36 am

Motion Math By Motion Math is another great math learning tool. This time you aren’t choosing the operand for the math problem, or saving the world from aliens NASA-style, instead you are bounding a ball. Sounds simple right? Not so fast.

The ball is bouncing on a platform which is a whole. The ball becomes a fraction that you need to use to bound on the appropriate portion of the platform (the whole). The neat thing is as you miss the platform gets more defined and you can tell where to bounce more precisely. It is a great spin on fractions learning and a fun game to play.

My ten year old and I were having fun with the voices during the video. Be sure to check it out!

Fun – 5
Learning – 5
Attention – 5

Total – 15 perfect score!