iMoo (itunes link) from Panda Cub Productions is a nice remake of those little sound apps you used to see in the stores like KB Toys. You would pick them up as a kids and tip them over just to hear the sound they made. Well Panda Cub Productions has created a nice app for just that.

You can see in the video that you have the option of a several Cow sounds and you can record your own. You actually do need to tip the app to get the moo to play – just like the real thing.

My 3 year old was disinterested in the app, but my 9 year old thought it was a blast and was rolling on the floor laughing. It is a nice party gag too. Fun in meetings or on a phone call with the boss perhaps?

This is for any age range, educational value is nil and time spent on the app is simply minutes, but it is worth the price in my opinion!