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Tacky’s Christmas By Oceanhouse Media

  • December 12, 2011 7:20 am

Tacky’s Christmas By Oceanhouse Media is another great app/book from Oceanhouse Media. Since we are focusing on Christmas apps we are starting off with a couple great books from Oceanhouse and my kids love penguins for some reason.

In typical and awesome Oceanhouse Media fashion, Tacky’s Christmas By Oceanhouse Media is very well written, narrated very pleasantly, and has just enough interactivity to keep my four year old interested. She knows that she can click on each object to hear and see the word it represents. She can hold a paragraph to have it repeated, but rarely does. Swiping the pages is the most fun it seems and she gets really upset if you turn the page early! A sure sign of a good book.

Watch the video for a taste of what Tacky’s Christmas By Oceanhouse Media has to offer. Will your child learn to read in this format? I am not too sure, but I am confident this format will work as a good reinforcement to other reading activities.

Attention – 4
Fun – 3 (it is a book not a game)
Learning – 4

Total – 11

iTunes link

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i Learn with Poko: Additions! by Tribal Nova

  • December 9, 2011 7:00 am

i Learn with Poko: Additions! by Tribal Nova is a great additions app for a young child. Poko will teach your young one (ages 3 probably) to count up to 6, then up to 10, then even further. The object of the app is simple and any child that has basic counting skills can begin to have some fun very quickly.

i Learn with Poko: Additions! by Tribal Nova asks your child to “add” by simply counting the objects on the screen. Once they have an idea of how many objects were knocked down, or selected, your child can pick the correct number from the bottom of the screen. Is it easy? Sure. Effective? I bet it is.

Our four year old has no trouble with the game, but does not yet understand that she is adding numbers. Instead she sees it as a counting game, which is ok too. It just might be a bit misleading if you are actually trying to teach your child to add 2+2 and get 4. Instead this app does not provide your child with the numeric representation of the numbers to be added, so traditional addition that they might encounter in kindergarten isn’t accomplished. Still it is a fun learning app for sure.

Attention – 4
Fun – 3
Learning – 5

Total – 12

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Pinocchio HD By So Ouat

  • December 8, 2011 7:30 am

Pinocchio HD By So Ouat is like the other books we have reviewed by So Ouat, very well animated, well performed, and interesting.

The story of Pinocchio is familiar, but the way the book is performed is a big factor in the success of an app. Pinocchio HD By So Ouat does an outstanding job of telling the traditional story of Pinocchio.

The written word is done really well in this book, but it does not give the option to click on individual words. My daughter rarely uses that feature, so I do not care so much, but it is a nice feature of other apps/books.

The animations and books is where Pinocchio HD By So Ouat really shines. The animations are just great. They make the book seem like a still movie.

My four year old was not excited to read the book again since she had been through it a few times. Once we got the app going and she got into the story she finished the book again. I can see her reading this many times over the coming years.

Attention – 4
Fun – 3
Learning – 2

Total – 9

iTunes Link

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Animals Coloring by

  • December 5, 2011 7:30 am

Animals Coloring by is a very simple and straight forward coloring app that shines in the variety and simplicity of the app. Animals Coloring by has the usual features that allow the artist to pick a crayon, save a picture of the artwork, zoom, and stay within the lines very easily.

The choices of things to color is very extensive. I haven’t counted, but there must be over a hundred different pages to color in the app. Of course you can color a single page over and over again, but choosing which page to color is half the fun!

My four year old had no trouble with the app and enjoyed the experience a lot. I think the app is really suited for a younger audience, but it should span all the way up to a 5 year old or so. Sometimes it is more fun to actually swipe your finger to color, but other times you want an app like Animals Coloring by that just uses the paint bucket to do the dirty work!

Attention = 5
Learning = 2
Fun = 2

Total = 9

iTunes Link

Be sure to check out the video for the whole experience and as always note the Big Grips iPad Frame. We took that case to a restaurant the other day, to a gymnastics competition, and over to grandma’s house. We love it!

ZOOLA Opposites By Best kids Apps

  • December 4, 2011 7:50 am

ZOOLA Opposites By Best kids Apps certainly lived up to expectations. I needed a simple app that would teach my four year old opposites. My four year old attends pre-school and was recently sent home with a report card. The report was good, but pointed out some things that we as parents had forgotten to teach our young human. The first was opposites (she has sarcasm down pat).

So I opened up the iPad and searched for an opposites app. I ran across ZOOLA Opposites By Best kids Apps for 99 cents. I spent way too long on the decision and purchased the app. Ten minutes later my four year old can name several opposites. Did the app work? Yep.

How long did my four year old spend on the app? Probably 10 minutes a few times in a row. Is it a single use app? Yes it is. Does it do a good job at its single task? Yes it does.

Attention – 3
Fun – 0
Learning – 5

Total – 8

iTunes Link

Angelina Ballerina’s Bubble Pop! By Callaway Digital Arts, Inc.

  • November 28, 2011 8:40 am

Angelina Ballerina’s Bubble Pop! By Callaway Digital Arts, Inc. is a simple and fun app for kids. The idea is that Angelina thinks of a bubble color and your job is to pop only that color bubble. It is pretty challenging once you play for a few minutes. There are also special bubbles you can click which give you additional chances (lives).

Angelina Ballerina’s Bubble Pop! By Callaway Digital Arts, Inc. has a simple interface that is easy for a small child to navigate. Your child can start the game from the back seat of the car, play a few games and move on to the next game when they are ready.

Will Angelina Ballerina’s Bubble Pop! By Callaway Digital Arts, Inc. teach your child anything? Like most games your child will learn some hand eye coordination, they will learn to pay attention to a changing environment, to listen carefully to instructions, and they will have some fun too!

As usual we have the Angelina Ballerina’s Bubble Pop! By Callaway Digital Arts, Inc. surrounding our kids’ iPad2. We love this cover and sincerely recommend it! Do not forget to pick up the stand too!

Fun – 4
Attention – 4
Learning – 2 (this is a fun app, but you learn a little)

Total – 10

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! – Dr. Seuss

  • October 21, 2011 7:40 am

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! – Dr. Seuss is another fun story book from Oceanhouse Media and Dr. Suess. Your kids are certain to enjoy the funny rhymes from Dr. Suess and in an iPad format it is all the better.

My four year old likes to have the book read to her “by the iPad” and can click on the objects in the story to hear them sounded out and see how they are spelled. The book has a lot of areas to explore and the graphics and color, which are classic Dr. Suess, are perfect on the iPad.

Fun – 3
Attention – 5
Learning – 4

Total – 12

Check out the video below and of course we have our iPad wrapped in the Big Grips Frame for iPad 2 – Pink

JumpStart Art Studio By Knowledge Adventure

  • October 14, 2011 7:24 am

JumpStart Art Studio By Knowledge Adventure is a great coloring app for kids up to probably age seven. Be sure to watch the video where you will see my four and a half year old navigate the app easily, pick colors, erase mistakes and have a bit of fun. Of course be sure to check out the Big Grips Frame for iPad 2 – Pink that we love and never leaves the edge of the kids’ iPad.

This app is really free style drawing, which is tougher for some kids, but others are sure to find it more rewarding than a more guided with a stencil. There are a lot of options in the app however, so your child is sure to explore the app for a while.

My four year old got into it more when she realized there where stamps and backgrounds she could use, so a bit of guidance is probably a good idea when starting out. This is the case with most apps.

Overall a great drawing app. No crashes or problems locking up, easy to navigate for lots of fun.

Fun – 4
Attention – 4
Learning – 2 (it is a drawing app, not a learning app)

Total- 10

Word Wall HD By Emantras Inc

  • October 11, 2011 3:50 pm

Word Wall HD By Emantras Inc a great educational app by a company who really knows that space well. Emantras has many kids educational apps for everything from words to dissecting animals. A really great app publisher with a lot of apps to offer.

Specifically Word Wall HD By Emantras Inc is meant to teach your child letters and then words. The app is designed to span a wide range of ages. My daughter who is four is ready to explore all the letters since she knows them well, but figuring out how to spell a word is something she is working on. The app covers the whole range.

There isn’t just one game in Word Wall HD By Emantras Inc either. It is a full set of learning games with a couple skill levels to choose from. My daughter was dragging letters to name the picture, simply choosing a letter to explore, and having fun while doing it.

When I was done with this video she stopped me and asked me to record her some more thinking that she had to stop playing with the app. It is fun and rewarding with stickers and achievements and she did not want to stop. Of course I explained that she could play with the app some more and I would watch :)

My daughter has been playing with the app for a while on our iPhones, but since we picked up the excellent Big Grips Frame for iPad 2 – Pink, we haven’t been able to pull her away from the iPad.

Emantras has an HD version of the app as well as the standard version that we were using, so be sure to grab the right one from the iTunes Store!

Fun – 4
Learning – 5
Attention – 5
Total – 14

Monster Coloring Book By The Guys In The Booth

  • October 1, 2011 7:14 am

Monster Coloring Book By The Guys In The Booth is a simple and fun coloring app for kids. The characters that your child is able to color are unique and interesting. The process of coloring is simple enough for the smallest painter and the stickers and patterns keep the older kids interested.

I was happy to see that The Guys In The Booth decided to do away with the in-app purchases. I do not care for that model at all. With the 1.1 update you get access to all the stickers and everything else in the app that I can remember was for purchase before.

There is a lite version of the app in the app store, but for a few bucks, just go for the full app! For younger kids you just start up the app for them and they are set. For older kids they will handle it all on their own. I was surprised to see my daughter could save her work and view it later in the gallery as well!

Do not forget about the case our iPad is in (I get an email after every review about this case). You can pick up the Big Grips! Case here: Big Grips Frame for iPad 2 – Pink

Fun – 4
Learning – 2
Attention – 5

Total – 11