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Perfect Kick By Chillingo Ltd

  • November 30, 2014 6:09 am

My daughter loves playing soccer so Perfect Kick By Chillingo Ltd is a perfect fit for her. Not that it teaches much in the way of soccer skills, but that it is a fun app with a soccer theme.

Game play is interesting since you do need to swipe to the right direction and with the right amount to get the ball to do what you want it to do. The players are interesting characters and the challenge is certainly there. My 7-year-old has picked up this game many times and played for a while each time.

There are a few modes to the game, but her favorite is challenge mode. Perfect Kick By Chillingo Ltd makes some pretty fun stuff.

Any age.

Fun: 4
Attention : 4
Learning: 1
Total: 9

Yumby Toss by PlayGearz

  • September 20, 2012 6:41 am

Yumby Toss by PlayGearz is our first app back from a short break and boy were we pleasantly surprised!

Our five year old fell in love with Yumby Toss by PlayGearz immediately. She loves the characters, the game play is familiar, and the story was enticing for her. She has played Angry Birds in the past, but Yumby Toss by PlayGearz has an extra fun twist that can revive the interest in the genre.

Was it fun for just our five year old? No. Parents were playing too. Yumby Toss by PlayGearz is just too fun to pass up.

The developer is awesome and the app is currently free. There are some in app purchases available, so be sure to lock down the device to avoid unintentional purchases by the young ones.

As usual check out the video below of our first glance at the game.

Our ratings:

Fun – 5
Learning – 0 (it is a game!)
Attention – 5

Total – 10

Snowman Scramble By Matthew Demma

  • September 16, 2011 7:48 am

Snowman Scramble By Matthew Demma is a game for just about any age. The idea is you need to stack snowmen before they melt. The game is simple, well put together, and fun to play. We played it on the iPad, but it was designed for the iPhone in the initial release.

Snowman Scramble By Matthew Demma doesn’t teach you much except that snow melts and snowmen can dance and give each other “‘sup bros”, but that isn’t the point. It is a fun game that is challenging. Your kids are going to have a better score than you and they can rub that in dad’s face!

Fun – 5
Learning – 0
Attention – 4

Total – 9

Tappie Colorit By ADUK GmbHZanymation

  • August 29, 2011 7:01 am

Tappie Colorit By ADUK GmbHZanymation is a fun app for youngsters to learn about shapes and colors. Tappie Colorit By ADUK GmbHZanymation is a very simple app with only a few aspects to the learning, but that is the point.

The app opens and tells you that it is appropriate for 1+ and I bet Digital Baby would agree. It is the perfect app for the child who knows how to use an iPad, but hasn’t gotten all the shapes and colors down yet.

My four year old likes the app, but has it mastered. She still has fun playing it for 10 minutes at a time.

Fun – 5
Attention – 4
Learning – 5 (for young kids this is a great learning app).

Total – 14

Air Display By Avatron Software, Inc.

  • August 23, 2011 7:33 am

I asked Avatron is I could review Air Display because I thought it would make a great way for my daughter to play Flash apps on the iPad and I was right! Since my daughter is usually using my iPad in the house (90% of the time) she is connected to the same wifi as my computer.

With Air Display I just load up a browser with Nick Jr and she can tap away! It take a minute or two to configure Air Display the very first time, but after you have the little widget installed on your PC or MAC (we have tried both and they work well!) you can connect over wifi by selecting the iPad running AirDisplay.

I have used it on my iPad as well when I just needed another screen. Actually that is what the app is meant for, but I really wanted my daughter to have a full Firefox web browser experience on the iPad for a few things and this solution works well. You can do the same thing with your iPhone, but for kids this screen seems to be a little small.

(no rating because this is not actually a kids app exactly, but a solution for parents with kids)

Great app. Definitely worth the list price. Next to iTad RDP and VNC which I am also reviewing this one requires almost no configuration at all.

BilingualABC English-Espanol by BilingualABC

  • August 15, 2011 7:46 am

BilingualABC English-Espanol by BilingualABC is a fun app to learn your ABCs in English and in Espanol. My ten year old daughter has a friend who speaks Spanish, so my four year old is familiar with the idea that some people speak different languages. I was not as concerned with her learning the letters in Spanish as I was interested in this app working as a reinforcing app for her English ABCs.

It is a neat app and works well. It has some interesting choices for the objects that represent each letter, and that is a nice touch. The voice is very well done. I can also see my ten year old, or myself, using this app to actually learn the alphabet in Spanish.

Learning – 5
Attention – 3
Fun – 3

Total 11

Animal Words by Oh, Hello!

  • July 1, 2011 2:25 pm

Animal Words by Oh, Hello! Is a simple fun app for young children to learn about animal sounds. The interface is simple and clean–just what you want in an app like this. Your child selects an animal and hears the name of the animal. There are three different voices/languages to choose from. Two English and one is Czech I believe.

That is about it. Simple,fun, interesting, but ultimately a short lived app for a young child. Is it worthwhile? Sure.

Fun – 3
Learning – 5
Attention – 3

Animal Sounds By Oak Multimedia

  • June 4, 2011 7:04 am

Animal Sounds By Oak Multimedia is a simple app for a small child. It has a set of animals that your young child can pick and listen to the noises they make. The animals are drawn well and the sounds are right on. It is great for a young child of 1+ years who is just learning their animal sounds.

I think it is a good app, but it has one flaw. The never really enjoy shaking my iPhone or iPad. It is hard for my four year old daughter to shake the device sometimes too. For a one year old it would be nearly impossible. . The developer has updated the app to address this issue and you now have the option to not need to shake the device! Awesome! That being said this is not the type of app that a small child would play with by themselves. It is a way for an involved parent to teach their child animal sounds in a new and interesting way.

I do recommend the app, but would like to be able to touch the animal to make it make its sound!

My four year old is giggling and having a fun time while she is playing with the app.

Attention – 4
Learning – 4
Fun – 4

Total – 12

Hokey Pokey Superheroes by Cambridge English Online ltd

  • May 25, 2011 7:56 am

I remember dancing to the Hokey Pokey at the local skating rink when I was kid. It was fun to make silly faces and dance around crazy to the song. Everyone participated–even the parents. It was a lot of fun.

Hokey Pokey Superheroes by Cambridge English Online ltd brings back that same fun and silliness. Hokey Pokey Superheroes by Cambridge English Online ltd makes the game fun again by playing the song so we can dance along. There are a few other treats in the app as well like a song that lets you add your own body part.

The point is the game is simple and fun. Camping? Play the app? Sitting around the living room with the kids and have five minutes before bed? Do the hokey pokey. It just works.

Fun – 5
Learning – 1
Attention – 5 (it isn’t that your kids will play for hours, but rather that you will play with your kids for a bit!)

Total 11

Pop Out! The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Loud Crow

  • April 15, 2011 7:13 am

Pop Out! The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Loud Crow is yet another stellar app/book for your iPad or iPhone. The neat thing about this app was the little tabs you can pull on to get the characters to move, but that is only the start. Click the tree or the blueberries and you are in for a surprise. Keep clicking them!

Loud Crow was kind enough to give away a promo code for this book and we have awarded it to a randomly selected reader. Her review is already in and the app is a success with her <1 year old! Wow I would not have thought that this book would have been appropriate for such a young age, but I am convinced. Does the app read to you? Yes. A pleasant voice? yep. Interactive? You got it. Learning is there too with the highlighting of words with selection to repeat the word. My daughter loves the book and we are at the point now where we are pushing apps to the farthest pages of our device. This app stays in the reading books folder for sure. Attention - 5 Learning - 5 Fun -5 Total - 15 How could you not like this book on the ipad or iphone?