Baseball Kings By APPNORI is a difficult, but fun app for slightly older kids that is sure to last a while. We had the most fun with Baseball Kings By APPNORI after we were done recording seeing who could do the best. This lasted until she was nearly late for school. It was a lot of fun and I did lose.

The idea is somewhat familiar and simple – but the game is not. That is why we recommend Baseball Kings By APPNORI. You start with simply swiping your finger on the screen to throw a pitch. Easy right? Sure in the video my daughter does make it look easy, but it isn’t. Soon you are trying to twist and turn and throw the ball in a specific manner which takes some thinking.

Luckily a training mode is included in Baseball Kings By APPNORI which helps a lot. You can always move past your rookie badge as you get better and better too. Baseball Kings By APPNORI is a fun app for the back of the car and on of the first apps for older kids (and adults) that we really enjoy!

Be sure to check out the video::

Fun: 4
Attention: 4
Learning: 1

Total: 9 (great for a non-educational app!)