I was a bit confused when I first opened Baby’s First Monsters: 123 By Three Brothers. I thought that it might just be a dictionary app for kids to learn about mythological creatures. I was wrong.

Baby’s First Monsters: 123 By Three Brothers is a fun learning game, in this case numbers is what you will be learning. By visiting the various islands you can count the ears on the monsters, or the feet, or just the monsters themselves. Without realizing it your child is counting by twos and threes and so on. It is a fun app with great artwork that will keep your child engaged.

My four year old really likes the app, but isn’t quite ready to actually get the counting by multiples yet. That is ok she can still experience the app and learn through practice. It is fun to watch and achieve the various levels of the game. She still learns to count by singles and a great re-enforcer for when she starts preschool in a few days.

Fun – 5
Learning – 5
Attention – 3 (she wont play it for hours, but still very engaging)

Total – 13