Awesome Chicken By Dennis Logan is simply an addicting and fun app. I think I saw a rocket type version of this same app with a pig or something a year or so ago, but the challenge of that game couldn’t compare to the appeal and challenge of Awesome Chicken By Dennis Logan.

The game is funny for kids to play because the chicken is so helpless and loses so many feathers. It is easy enough early on for your young child to get the hang of the swiping of the chicken to get the movement going. It gets to be pretty challenging, but my four year old (in the video) and my ten year old both love the app and play whenever the mood strikes them.

I cannot tell you my high score, or how many levels I have made it to myself because to me that isn’t the point. It is a fun time waster that is really addictive for young and old alike. Will your child learn something? Perhaps not, but some games are just really well done, with awesome graphics, simple and effective physics and a lot of fun. Awesome Chicken By Dennis Logan is one of those apps!

Fun – 5
Attention – 4
Learning – 0 (it is not a learning app!)

Total – 9 (totally fun and addictive).

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