Algebra Explained Chapter 1 by shows that learning fractions really can be interesting and made fun. This app is different than the other math apps (we have tested many different apps this week) because it has a live host. The videos make the lessons meaningful and interesting for the student.

My oldest daughter uses too and the videos there are very well done. Khan uses a “black board” to make his videos and the result is pretty impressive. In Algebra Explained Chapter 1 by you get the same effect along with seeing a teacher right in front of you. Not only are you in the classroom for part of the class, but in Bill Nye the Science Guy or Mr. Wizard type scenes you are also taken to a real life example.

In one case Jamie is made to do push-ups because her little helper Carter beats her at Horse. It is a fun way to teach a lesson about Exponents in this case. The idea is to have a tutor and not to replace a math teacher or completely handle the math instruction for your child. My daughter is NOT home schooled, but if she were this would be a great addition to or my own instruction. In our case we used it to prepare for the Arizona version of the Iowa Basic test called AIMS. She had mentioned that she needed to know more about fractions–adding, multiplying, etc. This app fit the bill.

I cannot say this is the only app you need for learning Algebra or math, but it is certainly top on the list and a must have for a child learning those subjects. I would expect this is appropriate for a student in 3rd to 5th grade depending on their school and learning level. It is interesting and fun, but really you are paying for the excellent instruction.

I should add this is a must-have for an involved parent. If you are working with your child on homework then this app offers many hours of instruction. Perhaps take 30 minutes a day three times a week and assign a lesson. Talk with your child about what funny thing Jamie or Carter did today. The Samurai sword was funny and Kristin and I both watch it a few times. She just gets it and it happens to be a simple idea shown in a memorable way. When your child is done with the 30 minutes ask what was covered and talk about it a bit. Just take it easy and make it fun.

I cannot wait to check out Chapter 2 and see what else has in store for us.

Fun – 4
Learning – 5
Attention – 5
Total – 14

Check out the video for a quick look at what Kristin and I were checking out one day.