ABC Aliens HD by Cambridge English Online ltd. is a fun but really challenging ABC learning game. The idea is you have four games to play where you are asked to find the letters of the alphabet within 30 seconds. You can do it in upper and lower case and backwards.

Is the game fun? Yes it is. Does it teach the alphabet? Sure, it can work as a tool to do that. One of the choices is to have the alphabet read to you by an alien or a child’s voice. The alien voice is silly, but clear, and my daughter liked that.

My four year old knows the letters of the alphabet upper and lower case pretty well. She confuses d and b sometimes, but knows the letters pretty well. In this app she had a hard time getting the letters in 30 seconds. In the video she had a hard time getting 4 letters in that amount of time. As we played with the app more and more she could get further, but never all of the letters. It takes me 26 seconds. The backwards version is fun and makes for some interesting group gameplay.

Fun – 3 (it is mainly a learning app, but it is fun too)
Learning – 4 (it is a supplement to other alphabet learning tools)
Attention – 2 (your child will not want to play with the app for more than 10 minutes at a time)

Total – 9