100 Butterflies By Little Five Games is a very simple counting app. The graphics in 100 Butterflies By Little Five Games are very well done and well suited for a target audience of young girls learning to count. My four year old loved to click each butterfly and see each fly away as they came out of their cocoon.

What your child is going to learn is number by repetition and I think this is the perfect app for my four year old at this point. She can count to 13, but gets a little mixed up above that number. She has yet to realize that there is a system to the numbers and that is where this app can help. Repetition can drive that idea home.

The other game in the app asks your child to find the numbers in sequence. This gives the app another dimension where your child is quizzed while still learning the numbers. There isn’t a score or a reprimand, but only a suggestion to look for the correct number as it is spoken. Great job on that!

Learning – 5
Attention – 3
Fun – 4
Total – 12

A great number learning app. Stands on its own teaching by repetition in a simple game.